Transformational Breathwork

Guided with care in a soulful, bright, inspiring and sacred space, where deep release and expansive insights can prevail as you explore your inner world, releasing what is holding you back. Seeking your truth and connecting with your highest alignment, a quest to Breathe and Rise to your full potentiality!

Voice Essence

Listen with your heart to connect to your inner and outer worlds, to your co-creators, team members, clients and global family. When we dive deep and tap into silence and music, the purity of the messages passing through us from Spirit are very, very precise. Pure knowledge flows through and we can translate it through sound, resonance and song, alchemising ancient pains into new insights – harmony and a heart-felt union with ourselves and each other. When we are in this space of music and silence and breath, we fine-tune our awareness to listen within and to each other, with a new openness that allows magic and infinite possibilities to flow through.

Somatic self-empowering Yoga

This Yoga practice will guide you on a journey of exploring the architecture and subtle energy system of holistic alignment. You will explore how to embody the life state that enables you to live your desired reality, through a mindful flow Yoga that weaves postures, breathwork and self-enquiry into a new encounter with yourself as a multi-dimensional “temple”. Larah threads Yogic Philosophy and Quantum Coaching into a process that gets you out of your head and into your body. It nourishes your nervous system, connects you to your inner-guidance system and equips you with a tool kit of ancient-future yogic and quantum techniques, to align your physical wellbeing with your “Sankalpas” – your heart-felt intentions. Larah used Yoga to self-heal physical and emotional traumas following a car crash and offers an empowering experience for all levels, that sets you up with daily rituals and practices that energise, revitalise and optimise your life-state.

Presence Embodied Meditation

Presence Embodied is a practice of becoming your true, authentic self. When you can show up presently to this process the healing can flow in and through you, and it becomes fully integrated. This is what it means to find wholeness and align to inner purpose, so that you can live in alliance with your higher self and the greater good. This meditational journey is the cornerstone of Stephanie’s approach to compassionate self-inquiry and meditative practices to navigate fears, traumas and triggers with tai-chi-like awareness.

Evolutionary Coaching

The Evolutionary Coaching Approach assumes the total and complete integration of mind, heart, spirit and soul into a new and expanded wholeness of self. This takes you beyond self to discover the true power of coaching, living, working and playing, to become the best that you can be.