Somatic self-empowering Yoga

This Yoga practice will guide you on a journey of exploring the architecture and subtle energy system of holistic alignment. You will explore how to embody the life state that enables you to live your desired reality, through a mindful flow Yoga that weaves postures, breathwork and self-enquiry into a new encounter with yourself as a multi-dimensional “temple”. Larah threads Yogic Philosophy and Quantum Coaching into a process that gets you out of your head and into your body. It nourishes your nervous system, connects you to your inner-guidance system and equips you with a tool kit of ancient-future yogic and quantum techniques, to align your physical wellbeing with your “Sankalpas” – your heart-felt intentions. Larah used Yoga to self-heal physical and emotional traumas following a car crash and offers an empowering experience for all levels, that sets you up with daily rituals and practices that energise, revitalise and optimise your life-state.